19.Libra.Lesbian :)
Redefined as a woman.
Growing,becoming,&moving beyond the boundries.

Ive never been here for when its been easy or when its been good„,hasn’t always been the way it should, I never stayed for just a short time, Ive been here all the time. All the drama and tears….we’re talking years. When you let go, I always held on, when one of us is weak, the other would be strong. Nothing good is easy but sometimes in your hands I fear, your fists still haunt me, when I see you move closer I flinch, it daunts me. Maybe its right, maybe its wrong but all I ever pray is that you will be strong, time will make you change, be a better man, not to put me in a cage. I think time will really tell, you needed to change cos you know life is’nt good living in a cell. Fuck all the drama, its not worth it, one day we’re all gonna get fucked over and that will be karma. All I ask this time around is that you be real, don’t let me down.We’ve been growing up together and sometimes i think we don’t realize that we’ve grown to be a part of eachother…this has been our struggle, after this there wont be another.

(by AntsPicz)

The simple beauty in this world.
London always will be mine